Valentine's Day toning tips

Whatever the event you’re getting ready for, when you’ve got your evening attire on and want to tone and tighten your everything to look as amazing as possible, you want some sure fire go to moves to help everything look its best. 9News fitness expert Jamie Atlas shows us his four favorite moves to give clients to get them looking tall and terrific.

Lower leg shaper: 2 leg calf raises:

When working the calves, these muscles tighten and shape up, creating a visual impression of a more rounded, firmer lower leg. It is great for looking good in those high heels.

Hips Alive: Outer/Inner hip stretches:

The smoother your hips can move the more gracefully you can glide through a room. To get the most glide to your gait, try this stretch: Take the left leg in front slightly and reach both hands high in the air then lean to the right so you feel a stretch all the way down the left side of the body. Rest the arms against a wall if you can so you can really get deep into this stretch.

Posture Perfect: Side shoulder band raises:

Standing on a band, pull arms wide and apart, moving to horizontal and back to a 45 degree range – keep tension on the band at all times. This will help to firm up shoulders, activate postural muscles and tighten the core, leaving you feeling tall and terrific!

Glute activator: Reach and hold:

Standing on two feet with one heel raised off the ground, with only a gentle bend in the front knee reach with both hands as if getting something out from the bottom shelf. Keep the back straight to make sure the glutes get activated.

Jamie Atlas is also the lead personal trainer and owner of Bonza Bodies Fitness Studios ( Call 1-866-609-5004 or with questions on this segment

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